a piece of me.

When I originally created this blog I had the intent of only using it for the sole purpose of sharing spiritual advice with others. Actually, scratch that… I went on a whim and purchased this blog back in March to make it all about me. But all about “me” just didn’t seem right. So my blog stayed blank for a solid four months. I only decided to hop back on because during those four months I felt a strong calling to help others. I finally felt like I was drawing near to my purpose in life and that’s why my first blog post was all about finding your purpose. (Be sure to catch that if you haven’t yet).

Let’s keep it real. I have only posted three posts on my website, but within those posts and the time in between I have developed a new love for writing and come up with new ideas as to where I want this blog to grow. It will definitely still stay faith based and I will continue to write weekly spiritual advice, but I wanted to share more because who would I be to hold it all back? hehe. SO here we are on the lifestyle page. Here is where I will share more of my personal testimony, pictures, trials, and just over all my life! I want my spiritual advice page to be more neutral – things I simply learn, practice, and can share with you all. But this page…I want this page deep. I won’t make this post too long as it’s more of an intro, but August is a really exciting time for me. August of last year is the time everything in my life was about to change. I had many ‘lasts‘ in August and many exciting ‘firsts‘.


Here is a picture of me (left) and one of my best friends Amanda (right). She’s currently serving it up over in the Philippines doing some amazing things. God has moved so much in her life and it’s been awesome to sit back and watch. I chose to share a picture of us because we share similar stories, pasts, and a love for God.

We both surrendered our hearts to Jesus in August 2016.


Don’t be a VICTIM of the enemy.

Let’s face it we simply live in a realm of spiritual warfare. Most of us are so consumed by what’s in front of us we don’t have the time to realize what the enemy is striking against.  Before we know it we’re waking up in an awful mood, getting behind the wheel expressing road rage, blaring the latest rap song, throwing shade at people we call our friends, swiping right for the next hookup, and binge drinking into the night to wake up and do it all over again. Life is one big game for some and most are unsure of where and what the finish line is. Now don’t get it twisted…I’ve been there so this is not a game of judgement..I’m not God and I’m not here to be God. But, I once lived in this place… this place known as the world. Jesus is not the King of the World…He is our King of ETERNAL Life. By the grace of God I now can identify when the enemy is trying to interfere with my spirit and now I’m also here to help you identify this, too.

First, I want to express that throughout the Bible Satan is referenced as “god of this age”, “ruler of the world”, “power of the evil one”, and several others…  I mean don’t let me lead you astray… God is sovereign about ALL, but He has allowed Satan to roam the Earth… now us – mankind – is put to the test. Do we fall into the habits of the world or do we overcome and put our spirit into the hands of Jesus Christ? I will share a few easy tips on how to keep your spirit healthy and a few tips of recognizing when the enemy is in your presence.

Keep your Spirit ALIVE & Well! 

  1. Alright friends, I’m really not here to tell you what to do, but real quick we got to do something first. Are you a believer? Are you on the fence? Are you not a believer? Which category do you fall under? First we must accept Jesus Christ into our hearts & claim Him to be our Savior & believe that He died on the cross and resurrected on the third day! Did you just do that?! Congratulations – you are SAVED! This is so exciting. So if you did that or have done that before you should now be anointed with the Holy Spirit.
  2. Know that the Holy Spirit has been given to you as a gift so that Jesus is always with you. The Holy Spirit helps you feel convicted when we are doing things we shouldn’t be and helps bear fruit – among many other things. The Holy Spirit is the guide to our lives and when we stand in obedience we have an easier time identifying where God wants us.
  3. Get in the WORD! I cannot express this enough. I mean before I started walking with God… I maybe got in the Bible once or twice a year. Omgsh – face palm – THE DIFFERENCE it makes… I cannot express this enough you guys. Your spirit needs it, it’s literally the juice for your spirit. There are always days I don’t feel like it and I just do it anyway, thats discipline. Try it out.
  4. Worship. Worship is a lifestyle. Not just a song or prayer. But worship God in all that you do. Do everything as if it were for the Lord ( This statement can go really deep- but we will save that for a different post ). This can be difficult too because our flesh gets in the way, but as said before it’s all discipline.
  5. Pray. JUST.DO.IT. Throughout the days;all days. God seeks this relationship with you. Don’t just pray when something goes wrong. Building a steady relationship and  having fluid communication helps keeps things in check.

Signs the enemy is prowlin’!

     1.  You’re unhappy. Yep, that simple. Did you know any negative thoughts or feelings are caused by enemy. God does not put any spirit of fear, anger, sadness, etc. onto us. The Bible says to take every thought captive – basically squash all bad (or fleshy) thoughts and replace it with the love and thinking Jesus Christ would have. I have learned to do this and now I’m so quick to correct my way of thinking.

     2. You’re picking up your old habits. This can be drinking, smoking, cussing, indulging in sexual sin, etc. Typically when our spirit is healthy we have an easy time avoiding our worldly desires. The more we start to let those bad habits back into our lives, the more the devil has a foothold on us.

3. We aren’t keeping up with the Word or prayer. This is almost a no brainer, but when we aren’t sustaining that relationship with Jesus we grow away from Him. Stay steadfast in your relationship with God and the enemy will have a hard time attacking you. The devil usually helps us in feeling too lazy to do these things and it can be easy to give into.

Guys, the truth is.. We are all walking in the human body, but we all have a spirit too. The amount of evil around us that we cannot even see … *poof* mind blowing! Our spirit knows what is going on, but our mind wants to control everything. Surrender your spirit to Jesus and watch those bad days, weeks, and months turn to happy days. Don’t get me wrong, trials will still occur and God will use those to help us grow in the spirit, but be smart and be sensitive to know how your spirit is doing.

May the spiritual odds ever be in your favor.

4 reasons why being a ‘Jesus Freak’ is a cool thing.

We live in a time where sex, drugs, and alcohol is the cool thing and picking up your Bible is something only your grandparents do…..wrong. Wake up friends! Loving Jesus and having a true RELATIONSHIP with him is actually the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced and I’m here to break it down for you  .. -cue the beat drop-

  1. Alcohol is no longer a source to my happiness. Alright, alright. To some of you I sound like a prude or someone that doesn’t know how to have fun, but if you knew me in college your girl drank with a purpose (no joke) I was on a mission. I mean let’s be real I invented the infamous tri-rail adventure in my friend group. Quick explanation: Hop on the latest train ride to South Beach (11pm), stay out all night, and hop on the first one in the morning (6am)….
    When I started seeking Jesus I no longer needed to seek drunkenness – and I’ve been asked “oh, are you not allowed to drink? I’m allowed to do whatever I want because that’s the beauty of God’s love, but why would I do something that hurts my Father and inhibits my spirit from growth? So I traded in Captain Morgan for Jesus & we’ve lived happily ever after.
  2. I no longer seek validation in men. OK, I get it we are all on the hunt for ‘the one’, but time and time again I see too many females putting all their eggs in the basket of the hands of someone who honestly couldn’t care less about them. Quick tid-bit ladies – Find you a man that LOVES God more than he loves himself and you will be happy on so many different levels. Eyes on Jesus first! & yes I am in a relationship, but I always have to remind myself that my identity rests in Jesus Christ and not my boyfriend. My boyfriend will never meet my expectations of perfection, but God already does. Did y’all hear that in the back? The guy that you’re hoping will be whatever you want them to be one day will never meet your expectations, but God already does. When God is #1 you’re quickly humbled and realize your worth – don’t settle for someone that isn’t going to help you enhance your spiritual growth and the Kingdom of God (because thats really why we are here, friends.)
  3. Clear understanding. I’ll make this one quick. The closer I become to Jesus, the more I hear and understand Him. I mentioned in my last post that I truly feel I’ve been given the cheat sheet to life. I’m not even kidding! Every decision I make is so clear and it’s literally like God is holding my hand through life – it saves me a lot of troubles and hardships that I’d be trying to deal with on my own if He wasn’t by my side.
  4. I received a gift that everyone yearns for. Salvation. Whether you believe in God or not, I think it’s safe to say most of us fear death and believe in some sort of afterlife or long for immortality. God gave us that desire because He is setting us up for eternal life. Our time on Earth is temporary and very brief compared to an eternity. I’m not going to lie, knowing I’m saved and I’ll be chilling in paradise the rest of forever in God’s presence is an awesome feeling. I wish everyone felt this secure about their relationship with Jesus … because let me tell you a year ago I was anything but close to God. I’m so glad He chose me! My life has flipped 180 and honestly I’ve never been happier with the Bible in my hand instead of a drink or being at home church worshipping God on a Friday night rather than South Beach. I’m not here to scare the hell out of you ( I always loved that reference lol ), but if you’re on the fence with your relationship with God – just dive a little deeper. I promise it only holds value and happiness.

A lot of people don’t understand my new ways and why I’m so in love with God, but I hope this helped you understand a bit more about me and my walk with Jesus and realize that the indulgences of sin only bring you further from God. Remember the why of why we are here and just know none of us know when our appointment with God is – so are you ready?

Discovering Your PURPOSE.

As a 25 year old girl I often find myself in confusion. Confusion of how am I already 25 and still have NO idea what God has in store for me? The truth is, I have recently came to a realization that I am not the only person that struggles with this
thank you sweet baby Jesus! –
& if you’re reading this… maybe you’re still searching too.

So I’m here to help you..to help me… to help you. Capiche? Capiche.

OK great! So first step is acceptance – I accept that I am 25 ( the whole married with beautiful kids and a golden retriever living in a beautiful home did not happen like I thought it would when I was 12 years young ) and I am in God’s waiting room. Are you waiting here with me? God’s waiting room consists of patience, stillness, and listening ears. And for some of us we aren’t about the wait especially because we live in a world where we receive everything at the drop of a hat. But God’s timing is impeccable and in order to hear Him, we must be on His watch and not our own.

Do you know who you are? If your first answer was not a Child of God.. we have a lot of work to do. Ok.. I’m kidding hehe 🙂 – that was a hard one. Your name is an acceptable answer, but in order to discover our purpose we must know WHO we are! God created us before our time. Did you know that? He has placed a calling and purpose on each of us all while giving us unique talents and gifts to use in our lives here on Earth to bring Glory to the MOST HIGH. Now the tricky part is how do we know and unlock the talents and gifts He has given to us? This was tough for me at first, but I think I got it so let me break it down…

First, we must stop allowing the enemy to play us in the comparison game. Social media is such a beautiful, yet ugly thing. I know WAY too many people that log on to their Instagram just to exit out with a lower self esteem – why is someone’s Bora Bora vacation making you think less of yourself? – it should be inspiring you or making you excited for those people that worked hard enough to get there. Everything in life requires work & DISCIPLINE. Of course some have it easier than others, but are you going to be the victim or the go-getter here? Anyway – the point here is that once we stop comparing our lives, talents, obstacles, and journeys to others we can start focusing solely on our own. You must be comfortable with who God made YOU to be.

Now we can dive a bit deeper for this second step, the fun stuff.

Natural Talents + Inborn Passions = Divine Calling
Great Strengths + Deep Passion = Calling

So let’s think of the things that are always on your heart. Is there passion or purpose within? Do you long to run a non-profit? Open your own store? Write a book? Travel the world and do mission trips? I know you are thinking of something! That something has been placed on your heart specifically for a reason and a purpose. The problem usually starts here – many of us live in a state of ambitiousness and not doing-ness. The enemy wants to keep you right where you are full of doubt telling you that you cannot achieve what’s already been given to you by God Himself. The Bible makes it loud and clear that Jesus our Lord and Savior is FOR us, not against us and we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

If you’re still unsure of what’s going on here that’s ok! Another thing I suggest is to reminisce on your childhood growing up. Look back on things you aspired to be when you grew up or things you enjoyed doing for free. This may tie into your purpose. Or ask someone for advice. Don’t be afraid to ask others what strengths and weaknesses they see in you.

The key here is identifying the talents you already have… not trying achieve talents of the girl or guy next to you or the person on Instagram.

The Third step is to DO! Honestly this is the hardest part (for me at least) I’ve always been a dreamer; not a doer. This step is hard because many of us are afraid of rejection or failure, but we must enjoy the journey and be open to lessons learned (not failures) and just the simple (or complex) process of trial and error. It’s ok to get out and try new things – in fact that will probably be a huge role in discovering your calling. I once heard you’re in the wrong calling if you’re only happy with the accomplishment you attained and not the journey.

As for me, being obedient to God and reading His Word regularly has helped me expedite the process of knowing what I feel to believe is my purpose and calling. I looked back on my past and I reflected on the things that stood out most and I believe that He gave me a spirit of kindness, patience, positivity, wisdom; all with a splash of creativity. I have always been a great listener. I have always been the positive polly in my friend group. I have always wanted to help others. So here I am trying to intertwine all these traits in a creative outlet. This is just the start of my DO. What will be yours?